About Garissa Mediation Coucil

Established in 2005

Garissa Mediation Council (GMC) is a trusted community partner in the peace and security strategy founded in 2005 by 30 trans-boundary Muslim Religious leaders (Sheikhs) from the North Eastern region of Kenya. The organization’s mandate is to empower communities to play active role in processes of development, peace-building, democratization and post-conflict construction and reconstruction. GMC’s goals are accomplished through capacity-building, networking, dialogue, research and communication, WASH-related programs, information sharing and advocacy.

Since founding GMC has successfully implemented a number of programmes relevant to its mandate such as water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for Garissa County residents,   civic education and advocacy projects, capacity-building program for diverse Garissa County residents, peace, conflict resolution and prevention and counter violent extremism (P/CVE) projects for Garissa County residents. The organization nurtures diversity, rely on diverse opinions, and create free, safe and secure spaces that allow leaders to exchange views candidly without fear or favour. Further, GMC builds on community networks and linkages with local state and non-state agencies.

GMC appreciates the fact that residents from the pastoralist community areas in Kenya require specific programs that are designed for their special needs in order to facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that would enable them cope with the demands of changing world. 


Garissa Mediation Council seeks to promote peace building and sustainable development among the communities we work with so to achieve peace, democracy justice and foster peace in their local communities and in the nation at large.


A Peaceful and Stable Society that Upholds Equity and Development and envisages that one sustained peace and tranquility, protected human right, and tenable good governance in Kenya with peaceful coexistence in its neighbors.


The work of GMC is guided and underpinned by the following core values

    • Respect for human rights regardless of age gender or tribe 
    • Promotion of peace, democracy and reconciliation that leads to corporation and solidarity among the communities in Garissa county
    • Sustainable peace, justice , development and empowerment to all
    • Respect of diversity regardless of religion ethnicity and political difference
    • Integrity,  honesty