Peace and Human Security

In response to insecurity situation in Garissa County and which has been largely attributed to active presence of the Somalia based insurgent group “Al-Shabaab”, GMC has undertaken a number of peace and security interventions in Garissa County including:- 

  • Youth counter violent extremism (CVE) mentorship. GMC in 2017 and, in liaison with NIWETU and NCTC, has developed youth CVE mentorship guide aimed at helping the youth disassociate from violent extremism. The development of youth CVE mentorship guide involved extensive consultation with the communities of Dadaab and Liboi in Dadaab Sub-County, Garissa County.
  • Capacity building for the youth-at-risk in Dadaab Sub-County. The youth-at-risk comprised mainly the youth ex-combatants who are the youth who previously served as fighters for various fighter factions in the neighboring country of Somalia
  • Development of village star trauma healing counseling guide. GMC, in partnership with PACT Kenya, developed trauma healing counseling guide aimed at helping the survivors of the previous war atrocities in Somalia cope