Gender and other marginalized groups

GMC is aware that gender is a key thematic subject in human development the world over. It appreciates the special role and position of women in society is increasingly emboldening by virtue of the fact that women nurture society and are guarantors of future generations. In this regard, GMC also undertakes programmes geared towards challenging and eliminating traditional prejudices and stereotypes that tend undermine the status of the pastoralist women in society.  Additionally, the plight of other marginalized groups such as People with Disabilities (PWDs), who are stigmatized and lack basic needs, is addressed under such programmes. GMC has thus ensured gender mainstreaming in its programming. In future will implement the following rules in its gender policy for proper mainstreaming:

  • Establishment of Gender Committee with-in the organization
  • Training workshops on Gender in order to introduce the true concepts
  • Ensure job description includes equal gender responsibilities and access to the resources
  • Specific workshops to encourage women participation in the developmental process
  • Equality in the number of female staffs within the organization
  • Include the gender sensitivity in staff performance appraisal
  • Psychosocial support (trauma healing and reunion) of sexual and gender base violence and family reunion and court pro bono services (linking victims to female legal services providers-FIDA Kenya)